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Monday, May 29, 2006

Informative Free Sites IV

  • Sacred Destinations - want to take a trip to the worlds most sacred places? Welcome to Sacred Destinations, a growing catalogue and travel guide to more than 1,500 sacred sites, holy places, pilgrimage destinations, historical sites, religious buildings and religious art around the world. The site also has an intriguing category like Oldest Sacred Sites and Artifacts, Seven Churches of Revelation, Ancient Megaliths & Mysteries and other stuff.
  • Go Ask Alice - is a health Q&A Internet service. It works to provide readers with reliable, accessible information and a range of thoughtful perspectives so that they can make responsible decisions concerning their health and well-being.
  • Visible Proofs - is about the history of forensic medicine. Over the centuries, physicians, surgeons, and other professionals have struggled to develop scientific methods that translate views of bodies and body parts into "visible proofs" that can persuade judges, juries, and the public.
  • Exploring Space: The Quest for Life - will trace the links between life on Earth and the rest of the universe-in the most realistic but spectacular fashion. Viewers will zoom through space alongside a meteor the size of a small city and learn how millions of years of cosmic activity have helped to create life on our planet. Filmed in state-of-the-art HDTV, each minute is packed with expert scientific interviews and their first-hand opinions about the possibility of life beyond Earth, as well as the history and the latest developments in Astrobiology, one of the hottest fields in science today.


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