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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Informative Free Sites II

  • Education World - it's goal is to make it easy for educators to integrate the Internet into the classroom. With 98 percent of the nation's public schools connected to the Internet, the need for a complete online educational guide is evident. Education World is designed to be that resource for educators.
  • - your one-stop shop for information on sciences' most prominent people. Here, you will find information about astronomers, biologists, chemists, engineers, inventors, physicists, and radiologists.
  • Pictures of the Year International - now in its 63rd year, is important because it offers photographers and editors the opportunity to appraise their work. It also creates a valuable archive. More than 35,000 photographs have been selected as the best pictures from each year, 1943 to now. We have recently been able to access these pictures readily through a searchable electronic database. We have the beginning of a living archive which will become ever-more useful to photographers, students, educators and journalism and social science researchers. It is in large part because of this archive that we continue to ask for a rather large file. We believe these images are important, that they represent the best images from the photojournalism community and that POYi is an appropriate repository for this remarkable collection of work.
  • No - is a translator similiar to those offered by Google or AltaVista with one major difference: We don't translate language, we translate slang and acronyms. Ever tried to read your son or daughter's Live Journal and had such a hard time understanding it that you had to stop after only a few sentences? Not anymore, just copy and paste it into No and we'll tell you what the heck they're talking about. You'll never be made fun of on instant messanger, or IRC ever again; plus you'll be able to impress your kids by speaking their language.
  • - the Internet's largest listing of college professor ratings. Professors Beware: Students Are Doing the Grading. This free website offers a public review (and sometimes a public flogging) of university professors from across the United States and Canada. Online since 1999, RateMyProfessors now contains over 4,200,000 ratings for professors from 5242 schools, with thousands of new ratings added each day.


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