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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Free VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language) Program

  • The CyberNet Worlds - this is a 3d Virtual Reality chat Community. The most incredible virtual reality experience is waiting for you! CyberNet Worlds is a 3d Universe of multiple worlds that takes you inside the webs most extraordinary 3d environments. This software is not a demo; it is the complete version of the 3d browser. You will be able to explore dozens of worlds, chat with a diverse culture of people from all around the globe, and learn to build your own virtual home in cyberspace. You can walk, run, jump, fly, explore and even interact in the environment by playing games or participating in events.
  • Active Worlds - the web's most powerful Virtual Reality experience, lets you visit and chat in incredible 3D worlds that are built by other users. Think you have what it takes to build your own world or Virtual Reality game? Active Worlds is the place for you, where in minutes you can create fascinating 3D worlds that others can visit and chat in. The Active Worlds Universe is a community of hundreds of thousands of users that chat and build 3D virtual reality environments in millions of square kilometers of virtual territory.
  • Alice - Learn to Program Interactive 3D Graphics. Alice v2.0 is the next major version of the Alice 3D Authoring system, from the Stage3 Research Group at Carnegie Mellon University. It has been completely rewritten from scratch over the past few years. The focus of the Alice project is now to provide the best possible first exposure to programming for students ranging from middle schoolers to college students.


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