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Friday, December 02, 2005

Free Security/Privacy Tools

  • SpyPry Spyware Remover - with so much personal information being stored and shared on your PC, you need to make sure that your stuff is locked down tight. SpyPry uses the best available technology to bring block realtime threats, scan for spyware and protect you against future trespassers. Think of SpyPry as your 24 hour watchdog sniffing out unwanted intruders.
  • - was created as a mechanism to quickly bypass the login of web sites that require compulsory registration and/or the collection of personal/demographic information. Lets you easily bypass mandatory registration at nearly 100,000 sites.
  • MisterPrivacy - when you use MisterPrivacy Anonymous Surfing services to surf the Web we shield and protect you and your family. Best of all, since there is no software to install, you can use MisterPrivacy wherever you are and with any operating system! Just point your browser to and we do the rest.
  • ScramDisk - is a program that allows the creation and use of virtual encrypted drives. Basically, you create a container file on an existing hard drive which is created with a specific password. This container can then be mounted by the Scramdisk software which creates a new drive letter to represent the drive. The virtual drive can then only be accessed with the correct passphrase.


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